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Always Look Out for Your Best Interest ~

As your trusted advisor, my job as a real estate agent is to advise you on the market condition and real estate matters. I like to share my real estate expertise to assist you in your decision making. I will look for your best interests and help you fulfill your real estate goal. Please feel free to contact me with all your real estate questions and needs. I will be glad to render my services and assistance.

Tradition of Care


As a direct decedent of a famed Chinese herbal pharmacy, established in 1863 in San Dong Province that is still in business, it is my family tradition to be kind, caring and generous. Learning from my ancestors, I know success is built on solid ground with honesty, trust and integrity.

Grew up in Taiwan and educated in the U.S., I am fluent in both English and Chinese culture and languages. I  moved to Phillips Ranch in 1993 and is still living here.


On a personal note, going to the beach, swimming, doing yoga and meditation are my favorite things to do.  I also take pride in donating to Doctors Without Borders with every house sold.

Taking Care of Your Business Since 2003



We have the know-how you need.

Prior starting her own firm, Caroilne worked at RE/MAX for over 15 years and was inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame. The coveted RE/MAX Hall of Fame Award honors successful agents who have earned more than $1 million in commissions during their careers. Only less than 2 percent of all RE/MAX affiliates earned this prestigious award.

Job Well Done

Every time when a house is sold, I am tremendously happy knowing that I have helped the sellers move forward with their life or help buyers move into their dream home. I am excited, grateful, and hopeful that with every new transaction, I am again able to walk away with the satisfaction of having helped clients on both sides achieve their goals.

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